Milena Hrebacka, President and Founder of New Breed Design Inc., has only known one career: Graphic Designer & Entrepreneur. The title is universal, but the role itself is multi-faceted, and most people don’t have a clear understanding of what a graphic designer is or does. Milena displayed her artistic abilities from the day she could wield a crayon. Throughout high school (at Kemptville’s St. Michael’s) she held a reputation for being an excellent portrait artist and excelled in Visual Arts — as well as Construction Tech, which spoke early to her strong logistic thinking— a personality trait that would come in handy as she would navigate self-taught Web Development later in life’s journey.

Milena Creative was founded in 2009, while Milena was in her second year of college. She met local business owners where she served at a family restaurant and provided design services to them in tandem with learning & honing her skills. From college, she worked for the prestigious Gordon Group marketing & communications firm in Ottawa, gaining invaluable insight into the professionalism required to maintain stellar client relations. She was offered the position of Creative Director for a start-up after only 2 years. She enthusiastically accepted the role and responsibility at age 23. A short two years later, Milena made the choice to leave the security of agency employment and embark into self-employment as a freelance Designer. The year was 2012, she had 17 clients and made $18,000 that first year. Although it might have seemed like a step backward, passion propelled her forward in no time.

Fast-forward to 2019: Milena Creative has incorporated into New Breed Design Inc. Milena sits at the helm of her start-up, overseeing day-to-day communication, project management and design tasks, with the help of her trusty Virtual Assistant, Erin. New Breed now has over 130 clients, ranging across all conceivable industries—from fellow female entrepreneurs local to Canada and internationally, to government-funded organizations, to non-profit charities. Milena seeks to deliver the very best of her customer service and design abilities each and every day she sits down at her computer—whether she is about to strategize with a new client around their professional brand, or design a compelling guide for female empowerment in the workplace—there is nothing she won’t stretch to master.

Milena has become a voice of female empowerment in her family, among her friends, publicly on social media and with her equally high-achieving female clientele. Milena is always striving to push women’s rights further and faster, never hesitating to step-up into the spotlight and deliver knowledge to fellow entrepreneurs, or to champion the next endeavour to support our local community. You can find her designing glorious things from her home office in Kemptville, Ontario, or teaching Muay Thai at their newest martial arts facility: Boss Thai Boxing & Fitness, alongside her husband, Yuki, and their business partner, Khris.

Our Specialty is Making it Happen

With our well-oiled team of professionals, I can assure you that whatever you need, we can manage it, we can design it and we can build it.

Erin Cochrane

Erin Alyssa

Project Manager & Client Liaison

Erin has had an exciting career path with a few unique focuses. With an extensive background in event planning, she is passionate about being organized, problem solving and time management. Erin also has a background in recruitment and loves to work closely with all clients — building those relationships keeps Erin motivated!  And as a passion, Erin is also a Volunteer Firefighter; you might see her out saving your community!


  • Loves adventure and travel
  • Muay Thai practitioner for 7+ years and counting
  • Event planning guru

Princess Reychelle Rada

Software & Web Developer

Princess is a software and web developer and has an eye for UX design and a focus on business results. She has worked internationally, remotely, and in-house, with a wide range of organizations from startups, to big businesses, from all levels of government as well as creative agencies and nonprofits. She is passionate about creating digital products that are customer-focused, impactful, and user friendly. Princess is a great addition to any team at any stage of a project.


  • Home Chef
  • Piano Player and family music DJ
Paulina Hrebacka, Editor, New Breed Design

Paulina Hrebacka

Writer & Editor

A recent graduate of Professional Writing at Algonquin College, Paulina is a natural writer and passionate editor. There’s just something about playing with words until they communicate what you feel that seems magical. Paulina loves getting to know people and helping them convey their message to the world. No matter how well you can write, everyone needs an editor. Even editors need editors. An outside perspective always helps, and Paulina will take the time to understand your vision before she makes edits to your written content. Paulina’s process consists of proofreading, copy editing, research/fact-checking, summarizing, restructuring, and checking for consistency. This is considered a substantive edit. Her priority is to make sure your key values are communicated clearly and effectively, and that your message contains the appropriate tone for your mission. She will never try to change your message – only refine it, and make suggestions that might improve its overall impact.


  • Avid photographer
  • Cocktail enthusiast
  • Sings and plays a variety of musical instruments in a small band, with her fiancée, or sometimes solo.