Custom Website Design FAQs

What is website hosting?

Website hosting is a service that provides a storage environment for your website’s data. A website cannot exist without hosting, just as you cannot build a house without first buying a plot of land. We sell hosting to our clients that are just starting out, at a discounted rate of $100/year provided by GoDaddy. The hosting account type we provide is called Managed WordPress, because it comes with:

  • WordPress updates are automatically performed (less work for you)
  • Site back-ups for the past 30 days (peace of mind)
  • Free 24/7 support — which your New Breed team will troubleshoot on your behalf (no more sitting on hold for hours with tech support)

What is a domain name?

Your domain name is the equivalent to your street address — there can only be one of a kind, and you have to register it before you can use it so that it becomes your property. We suggest you register your first choice for a website domain as soon as you decide it’s “the one” — because if you wait, career “squatters” will snatch it up before you get the chance, and then it’s gone for good.

We suggest registering your domain(s) — feel free to buy more than one, we can put them all to good use — through GoDaddy.

How do you design your custom websites?

Short Answer: We use Photoshop and other various software to develop designs and assets used in the design of your website.

Longer Answer: We have a tightly-run website design process that is tailored to the needs of our clients. We do research, strategize and collaborate with you to define your needs and prioritize them to develop an all-over website strategy. Our design team uses this data and feedback to formulate the design of your website, relying heavily on the branding we developed together beforehand (if you engaged in a logo design or brand exploration with us).

Can you build me a website with shop / reservations / scheduling abilities?

I like to think there’s nothing we can’t do 😉 Ultimately, when using the WordPress CMS (Content Management System), we start with a base Theme which allows us to design your stunning website, then we add-on the functionality you need using Plugins. The fewer plugins = the better for your site’s performance, so we’ll consult with you on what you’re looking to do with your site, and install only what you need.

Some premium plugins come at a cost, which we’ll discuss at the time of research; just be aware that in addition to the cost of designing and developing your website, if you are looking to have outside-the-box functions added, such as a shop or custom booking system, you will most likely need to purchase additional tools to facilitate those functions. You won’t have to handle this alone, our team is well versed and here to help 🙂

Do you offer a payment plan option?

We are not a financial lending institution, but we do offer a payment plan option to all our clients. Typically, we place you on a payment schedule with a 10% interest rate compounded on the primary amount. An example would be:

Contract amount = $5,000
Interest (10%) = $500.00
Total Financed Amount = $5,500.00
Payment Amount = $1,000/month for 5 months; $500.00 billed on the 6th month.