Chantelle Adams

“Thank you SOOOOOOO much — it is gorgeous and I am SO excited… already had someone sneak in since it went live… YAY!!! xoxo”

Chantelle Adams

Professional Speaker, Founder of Centre Stage Live and SHINE Live

Multiple Sites, Different Brands

Her flagship website, embodies the personality and best traits of our fearless leader, Chantelle Adams. This website acts as the hub and main action zone for all of her sub-brands. Whatever you’re looking for from Chantelle, you can find it here.


Adopting a more whimsical and free-spirited feel, Chantelle’s SHINE Live event website paints the picture of adventure and feeling of self-accomplishment one endeavours to achieve by participating in her live story-crafting and speech-coaching program.

Centre Stage

One of Chantelle’s earliest products and her best-known live event, the Centre Stage website is a constantly changing source of information, evolving to fit the constantly evolving program designed to provide a public speech training platform. 

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